Top 10 Lawyers Website Checklist

Top 10 Lawyers Website Checklist

Including these items in your company website will help create a more engaging experience for your visitors and increase organic traffic results.  

  1.  Prominent name, logo, street address, email address & phone number (NAP) should appear at top of each page in text format so search engines can “see” this information. Makes it easy for your customers to contact you as well.
  2.   Your site must feature a professional and appealing design and layout with clear and intuitive navigation throughout, using current up-to-date software. Best case your site is designed for desktop, mobile and tablet use. No “my son’s friend’s cousin did my site.”
  3.  Utilize standard publishing design elements for each page; headlines, images, captions and bullet points draw readers into the body of your page content.
  4.  Website content should be written in plain English, at a high-school reading level with your key words and key phrases in the first paragraphs. Avoid industry jargon; write to answer the problems to which your visitors are searching for answers, not for the search engines.
  5.  Exhibit clarity of your business and expertise – you know what your business is about; make sure those visiting your site immediately understand what you do and the benefit to them of contacting you.
  6.  Informative, well designed business profiles should include professional photos, types of clients with which you work, a description of the types problems you solve, as well as education, accreditations and association memberships (most important).
  7.   Clear calls to action should be prominently displayed throughout the site and signal to your visitors how you can solve their legal problems exactly what it is you want them do while on your site. Motivate them to call you NOW!
  8.  Write and publish a regularly updated blog that features useful and relevant information not readily found elsewhere.
  9.   Employ a confidential contact form that will enable visitors to email you directly from within your site on every page.
  10.  Include an advertisement disclaimer, which should be posted at the footer of each web page.


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