New York Boutique Lawyers Networking Group


lawyer's networking group meeting

The purpose of the group is to form new relationships, discuss doing business together, and to share ideas and experiences to help our firm’s grow. We will discuss subjects such as working in a larger law firm, the pros and cons of solo / small firm practices, referrals, collaborating on assignments, of counsel relationships and other relevant topics that members bring up.

Topics will range from time management, increasing revenues, reducing or sharing expenses, service providers, sharing space, legal forms, acquiring practices to forming more formal relationships.

We are an exclusive group of Long Island / New York based “boutique” law firms and lawyers practicing in and concentrating on a variety of practice areas in the State of New York. The attorneys in our group have offices and business in Nassau & Suffolk County, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn and practice throughout New York State.

We meet monthly at On Parade Diner in Woodbury to discuss current issues facing lawyers in small boutique law firms. We feature speakers who attend meetings on a regular basis to help our members on particular challenges they face in their practice ( see resource page for past speakers and a summary of their presentation).

We also have evening networking events that are open to members of the business community who are not lawyers.